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icube™ helps companies reduce human friction and
build trust to Maximize Teamwork & Profit

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icube™ is a leadership system designed to maximize teamwork and profits in any business. icube™
enables you to identify your most important values and supports teams in confronting and solving
problems systematically holding all members accountable to drive results..

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Successful companies are built on trust. Trust, an ownership mentality, and team member
engagement are intertwined. When your people have an ownership mentality, they care and have
high levels of engagement in their work. When others see their teammates displaying high levels of
engagement, they trust them and in turn feel more engaged, which leads to a higher sense of

This cycle of engagement, ownership, and trust is the foundation of effective organizations. Effective organizations display high levels of productivity and profitability. icube™
builds trust, an ownership mentality, and engagement to manage complexity, thereby reducing
human friction.

The foundational elements of icube™ that build systemic flow, accountability, buy-in, and

How to pinpoint the root causes of human friction in your business.

How to hold meetings that are so productive, efficient, and fun that team members actually look forward to them.

How icube™ can help your business

icube™ at its core

The core concept of icube™ is that there are three “i”s that leaders of any organization need to
develop and strengthen


The first thing we are able to observe about a team is how it functions. In sports, this is how well the
team plays the game. In business, it’s how well a company attracts and retains customers, delivers
products or services, and manages its resources and money. We call this Intensity. Intensity captures
the ability of the team to execute.

But excellent execution, or strong Intensity, doesn’t happen automatically. It’s the consequence of
excellent and effective planning. In sports, this is the playbook the team uses to play the game. In
business, it’s the strategy the leadership team develops to approach the market, satisfy customers,
and generate a profit. We call strategy the Intelligence of the organization.


Finally, an effective strategy cannot be developed unless there is common purpose and a strong
culture. In sports, this is reflected by the respect and coordination the team members demonstrate
while playing the game. In excellent teams, you will notice that the team members can count on
each other. It’s pretty much the same in business. Team members must be able to count on each
other in order for the company to deliver value as a whole. We call the culture and its effectiveness
characterized by the level of trust in the organization the Inspiration.

The three “I”s together, Intensity, Intelligence, and Inspiration, make up the essential elements of any successful organization. If any one of them is weak, the organization as a whole will be weak.

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Learn icube™ by reading: the book Venture Perfect

The Leadership System to Maximize Teamwork and Profit in Your Business LEADERSHIP

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