Think Like an Eagle and Act Like a Hummingbird

By Pavan Muzumdar

An eagle, the majestic animal that serves as our national bird and a symbol we revere, can certainly invoke a lot of positive emotions. In fact, many use it as a metaphor for freedom, independence, adventure, courage, valor, and confidence. The hummingbird on the other hand is often seen as a cute little bird that pecks at flowers.

They appear to differ dramatically as it relates to their characteristics. A hummingbird is actually a marvel of creation; it can fly in tight spaces, hover in one spot, and turn on a dime. It flaps its wings 50 to 70 times a second, has a heart that can beat thousands of times per second and has the ability to generate more energy per unit of body weight than most other animals.

The eagle on the other hand, imposing as it is, needs a lot of space to fly, doesn’t have as much endurance as the hummingbird and actually has to depend on natural wind patterns called thermals to keep it flying for long periods of time.

These two serve as a good reminder that exterior appearances don’t tell the whole story.

So which one should a company emulate?

We believe that the answer is both!

While it’s vital to have the characteristics of an eagle to inspire and motivate, it’s equally important to be able to move quickly and use resources efficiently like a hummingbird. So how do you do it?

icubeTM to the Rescue

The answer lies in PCS Insight’s framework of Inspiration, Intelligence, and Intensity:

At its core, a company should operate like an eagle with lofty goals, an outsized vision, and greater purpose, which will drive its Inspiration,

Looking at the surrounding layer, or the company’s Intelligence, it ought to behave as a hybrid–implementing the strategic qualities of an eagle, and the quick learning and nimbleness of a hummingbird.

Finally in its outer most layer, which we call Intensity, companies need to behave like a hummingbird with highly effective and efficient execution.

Forgive the pun (or not), but honestly looking at your organization through the 3 I’s: Inspiration, Intelligence, and Intensity will be certain to help your company soar!

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Pavan Muzumdar Managing Director