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Five Questions an Elevator Pitch Must Answer

Who is the target audience? Different audiences result in a breadth of views on how a product can solve their need. The conversation for a CEO, the CFO or the consumer of a product or service will all have different messages. Your potential customer or partner can be broken down into three categories: The decision… Read more »

5 Netflix Documentaries Every Business Leader Should Watch

But then I put myself in the shoes of most of our clients at PCS Insight. “Would they really have the time to devote to this?” Most of the leaders we deal with are so engaged with their businesses that it consumes every last ounce of time and energy. More often than not they need… Read more »

Confused About Business Culture? Learn The 4 Pillars of an Effective Culture

As the leader in your company you know in your gut what your company should be doing. You’ve built your business on being able to deliver real and tangible value to your customers by addressing their needs. Often, leaders are so clear on what needs to be done, they don’t see the relevance of creating… Read more »

Think Like an Eagle and Act Like a Hummingbird

They appear to differ dramatically as it relates to their characteristics. A hummingbird is actually a marvel of creation; it can fly in tight spaces, hover in one spot, and turn on a dime. It flaps its wings 50 to 70 times a second, has a heart that can beat thousands of times per second and… Read more »