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Stay Motivated with Our Sources of Inspiration

99 Percent Invisible A wonderful show that discusses the design of everyday things. Hidden Brain A great place to visit if you want to find out the “what” and “why” behind your motivations, fears, and behaviors. How I Built This Lessons from entrepreneurs who generously share the stories of their successes and failures with vulnerability… Read more »

The Three Rules for Failing Successfully

To be sure, making and accepting mistakes, often categorized as failures, isn’t easy. We are not socialized to celebrate failure; our society is firmly oriented towards seeking and sharing successes. That’s why when I recently listened to an episode of one of my favorite podcasts, “The Indicator” from NPR’s Planet Money, I was impressed by… Read more »

Four Functions Every Business Needs for Long-Term Growth

No matter whether it’s a pizza shop, accounting firm, shoe shop, or manufacturing company, there are four functions every business must strengthen: Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Finance. In our earlier example, marketing hands out the flyers to customers; sales, the cashier, takes the order; operations which is the kitchen, makes the pizza; and finance is the bookkeeper who keeps track… Read more »