The Concept of Differentiation

By Pavan Muzumdar

At a recent meeting with a colleague, I was discussing icube™ and the Universal Brand Challenge as it is described in my book, Venture Perfect. This concept outlines how sometimes customers are either unaware of their needs, or if they are aware of them, deliberately hide those needs from the vendor or service provider.

It is, therefore, incumbent upon the salesperson to inherently know this and calibrate their approach, which may be trust-building or education, before trying to make the sale. If you are not familiar with this concept of customer quadrant analysis, I would encourage you to pick up a copy of the book and check it out.

Sales are only made when the customer is aware of their needs and is willing to show them to the vendor. Furthermore, to clinch the deal, the three most important factors are quality, customer experience, and differentiation. My colleague then asked me how PCS Insight differentiates icube™ from other systems or methodologies. After all, she pointed out, many of the principles that icube™ is based on are universal. This is true. So, we decided to list them out:

While there are several subtle and “under the hood” differentiators, the three main factors that makes icube™ unique are as follows:

  1. icube™ is a holistic system that looks at culture (Inspiration), strategy (Intelligence), and execution (Intensity). The human metaphor would be Mind, Body, and Spirit.
  2. icube™ is designed to meet the leadership team where it is and help it, and its members, grow in sophistication and maturity. This also makes icube™ flexible and serve as a foundation to support other tools and methodologies, enabling teams to thrive by including their needs.
  3. The Kanban software framework implemented using Trello makes icube™ sticky and highly scalable in teams and organizations of any size. Most other systems struggle with assimilating their practices and tools outside the leadership team, creating a virtual wall between the leadership team and the rest of the company.

icube™ is also open-sourced and designed to be self-facilitated in teams that have the pre-requisite skills for facilitation. Venture Perfect shows readers the step by step process of facilitating icube™ in their teams, leading them to success.

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Venture Perfect describes icube™, a business leadership system designed to maximize teamwork and profit in any company. icube™ teaches leaders how to create powerful systems and structures that foster an inspiring culture, an intelligent strategy, and intense execution for long-term sustainability.

Pavan Muzumdar Managing Director