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One of the advantages of being a software company is that it does not produce any physical goods. This independence can positively impact on cash flow (no carrying costs for inventory or working capital) and profitability limited direct trade costs. However, the complexities that leaders of software companies face are in allocating development resources to maximize long term strategic relevance and short- and long-term financial performance. In most software companies, product development efforts take a long time to bear fruit. Compounding the difficulty of that effort is an uphill battle to differentiate their message amongst a vast sea of competitors.

Leaders need to gain access to insight necessary to prioritize on the importance of new features expected by the market. Satisfying customers’ immediate unmet needs, such as missing features or tactical integration with other software and technological advances can improve the customer experience, increase reliability, security, and efficiency, or reduce costs.

For software companies, this results in new customer markets and increased customer loyalty. icube™ teaches leadership teams how to foster collaboration between marketing, sales, operations, and finance teams to make effectively make these decisions. Additionally, it gives teams the tools to disseminate information and ramp up the transparency of context and decision making so that the entire organization is in sync and aligned.

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Successful companies are built on trust. Trust, an ownership mentality, and team member engagement are intertwined. When your people have an ownership mentality, they care and have high levels of engagement in their work. When others see their teammates displaying high levels of engagement, they trust them and in turn feel more engaged, which leads to a higher sense of ownership.

This cycle of engagement, ownership, and trust is the foundation of effective organizations. High levels of productivity and profitability are expected outcomes of effective organizations. icube™ builds trust, an ownership mentality, and engagement to manage complexity, thereby reducing human friction. Learn more about

The foundational elements of icube™ that build systemic flow, accountability, buy-in, and trust.

How to pinpoint the root causes of human friction in your business.

How to hold meetings that are so productive, efficient, and fun that team members actually look forward to them.

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