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Financial planning companies often need to combine the multi-dimensional needs of their clients into one holistic experience. These individual services, such as financial planning, investment management, estate planning, and tax planning, usually require deep domain knowledge specialists. Companies often rely on simplistic and cookie-cutter approaches in the absence of a robust set of collaborative practices and tools. This approach can work if the client’s needs are not complicated. However, as complexity increases, relying on ineffective practices can result in offering incomplete or sub-par solutions or increased costs of services, or both. It can be especially problematic when the advice given in one area impacts another.

icube™ shows leaders easy to use principles and tools to cut through the complexity and so that team members can collaborate to offer their clients the best experience combined with the most effective advice for their long-term needs.

How icube™ Facilitates
Success in Financial
Planning Firms

Successful companies are built on trust. Trust, an ownership mentality, and team member engagement are intertwined. When your people have an ownership mentality, they care and have high levels of engagement in their work. When others see their teammates displaying high levels of engagement, they trust them and in turn feel more engaged, which leads to a higher sense of ownership.

This cycle of engagement, ownership, and trust is the foundation of effective organizations. High levels of productivity and profitability are expected outcomes of effective organizations. icube™ builds trust, an ownership mentality, and engagement to manage complexity, thereby reducing human friction. Learn more about

The foundational elements of icube™ that build systemic flow, accountability, buy-in, and trust.

How to pinpoint the root causes of human friction in your business.

How to hold meetings that are so productive, efficient, and fun that team members actually look forward to them.

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Learn about icube through reading the book Venture Perfect:

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