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The Canyon Between Confidence and Arrogance

Responding to a setback is different than reacting to it. How? A reaction is something that is “knee-jerk” and done without thought. Reactions come from the unexpected and are more likely to come from an arrogant leader rather than a confident one. Arrogant leaders will expect a positive outcome, therefore when a setback occurs, an… Read more »

The Importance of Team Diversity

  Hence, I found it sobering and a tad disturbing as a male, when I watched a TED Talk by Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, an organizational psychologist. The presentation is cheekily entitled “Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?” While the name does get a few chuckles from the crowd, the mood changes very quickly… Read more »

8 Tips for Implementing a Gainsharing Program

The problem may be that your incentive system may be inadvertently sabotaging your group’s performance. So how can you improve individual performance and also foster a collaborative environment? One idea – implement a gainsharing program. Gainsharing 101 So what is a gainsharing program? At its simplest level, it’s a group incentive plan designed to improve… Read more »

4 Steps to Ensure Business Meeting Success

However, as your business has grown you might have observed that the complexity in running the business has also grown. Decisions that took minutes or seconds to make now take hours, days, or even longer. You see yourself needing the input of other members of the company. The dreaded meeting is often the only way… Read more »