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The icubeTM system helps business leaders assess vulnerabilities in team communication, and provides tools to get an entire team moving in sync.

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Discover the “why” that drives your business. The first layer of the icubeTM strategy is to foreground your unique purpose. When you take the time to create a corporate culture that is deeply connected to your company’s foundational purpose, you are also creating employees who are fueled by vision, freed by trust, and focused on the same priorities.

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All together now. Intelligence is more than data mastery – it’s the difference between feeling like an employee, or like an owner. Integral to the icubeTM protocol, shared understanding of the who, why, what, and how much reduces redundancy, streamlines processes, and empowers every employee to work smarter.

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Get it done. Imagine your team motivated by shared purpose, mastering necessary data, and committed to making it happen. Intense, clear focus on the “why” and the “how” of the company enables every team member to act decisively to resolve obstacles. Intensity and hustle are renewable fuel, strengthening team cohesion and trust.

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“What makes icubeTM so unique was how quickly my employees embraced the process”

Tom Kelly

CEO Automation Alley Play

“icubeTM gave us clarity, helped us prioritize opportunity, and created a rigorous process so we were poised for success”

Gerry Roston & Jerry Lynch

CEO & CSO Civionics Play

“icubeTM did a seamless job of connecting the technical with the commercial in a way that made sense”

Pedro Guillen & Nick Moroz

CEO & CTO Detroit Materials Play

Discover how high you can climb when your entire team moves in sync.

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Our approach builds a better medium of communication among the team bringing clarity to goals and capabilities.

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